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The Volla are a distinctive pair of speakers. Right from the cosmetic finish to the speaker setup. Dressed in the beautiful glossy Sapele Pomele finish, they distant themselves from the usual black or wood grain finish found in most other speakers. One look and it is pretty obvious on the high quality craftsmanship that went into the building of these speakers. The drivers used on the Volla is another unique mix. For the highs, a fairly large aluminum ribbon tweeter (for a monitor speaker) is used and for the mids and bass, a 6.5″ carbon fiber cone is used. Together, they performed admirably. There was the sense of speed and pace coming out from these speakers. Bass was punchy and tight with a forward sounding mid-range and detailed highs. Imagery was very portrayed with good depth and scale. One thing you would notice immediately about these speakers is how clean and transparent they sound. A heavy and well damped speaker stand is mandatory to draw out the best from these speakers.

Speakers are in fantastic condition and will be shipped in their original boxes (2 boxes).