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The Architect Model 1250 is an all American designed and built multi-channel power amplifier. It has 12 channels with 50W each (600W total) and individual equalization for each channel! This fascinating feature means that you can tailor each channel to optimize how the speaker will sound in each channel. There are six bands of the frequency bandwidth where you can make up to 12dB adjustments starting at 45Hz, 150Hz, 300Hz, 700Hz, 2500Hz and 12000Hz. This feature will allow unprecedented flexibility in tailoring the sound you want from each or pair or group of speakers you have. Without the The Architect Model 1250, you would need six equalizers to control the six pairs of speakers if used in the same environment. So the Model 1250 has reduced all this clutter by incorporating the equalizer feature on board and individualizing them for each channel. The Model 1250 also has The Lightdrive Protection circuitry deployed in each channel to protect against clipping, short circuit, over-heating and DC offset. This will ensure safe operation for years and years. The amp was not designed to take in thick or even moderately thick speaker cables so bear this mind if you decide to purchase it. 18AWG or smaller would suffice or get some single strand solid core cables.

The unit has some light scuff marks here and there but nothing major. We don’t have the original box but will include a copy of the manual.