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This is a set of Speaker Serum from Audio Vaccine. There are three versions of it – Speaker Serum, Amplifier Serum (Rhodium) and Amplifier Serum (Gold). The Speaker Serum is pretty similar to Bybee’s Speaker bullets where they are attached to the ends of the speaker terminals.┬áThe pair you see here was previously installed on a Focal Utopia Center speaker. And like the Bybee’s the Speaker Serum improved the center speaker somewhat. There was an improved spatial width of the soundstage and a smoother and more relaxed presentation. It may not be as dramatic as the Bybee Speaker Bullets but then again, it doesn’t cost $2,750 too!

As they are bananas, your speaker cable must have spades (or use a spade adapter). To see an image on how they are installed on the speaker’s binding post, check out TweekGeek’s website.

Cosmetically, the pair is in great shape. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack it for safe shipping.