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This is a rarely available 40th Anniversary Edition 4-outlet Power Tap. Unit is a solid aluminum case with high quality outlets. This is a US 115V version and is compatible with any components. The good thing about the AT-PT2002 is its unhindered transference of current from the wall to your components. It does filter out “hairy” electrical edges and smoothens it out through its four outlets. We had this installed in a “simple” system that consists of a CD player, DAC, preamp and poweramp and there is a slight easing in the sound with the music taking on a more relaxed composed presentation.

Cosmetically,┬áthe unit is in very nice shape. A tiny ding on the side edge and minor scuff marks here and there. We don’t have the original packaging but will securely pack it for safe shipping. Power cord was an option (Audio Technica branded power cords) but you can use any high quality, thick gauge AC cords with it. If you want to make a combo deal with any of the AC cords that we sell, contact us for a recommendation and a package deal.