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The VM220 tube monoblocks are one of the rarer Audio Research tube amps that you almost never see for sale on the used market. Although physically similar to the VS110, the VM220 is unlike its smaller sibling when it comes to power and sound quality. The VM220 has a tremendous amount of power. Even its rated 200W per channel feels a little conservative when we paired it Magnepan’s MG20.1. Soundstage was beautifully re-created and expansive. Even the depth was impressive. With the Maggies in a good size room, the combination was nothing short of stunning. It had great energy and never sounded lethargic.

The pair you see here had one careful previous owner. Just minor scuff marks common from use but nothing major. Tubes you see installed are fresh new matched quads (4 quads in total) which cost almost $600 will be included. Original large Audio Research boxes included.