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As the model name suggests, this is another classic amp from Audio Research. Compared to the Conrad Johnson MV-50 amp that we also have for sale, the Classic 60 differs by being a tube hybrid/FET amplifier and uses four 6550 tubes versus EL34 tubes in the MV-50. Sonically, the Classic 60 has a more “meaty” sound. Its a bit denser in the mids and a heavier bottom end. The MV-50 is slightly sweeter sounding. If your speakers are a bit demanding, than the Classic 60 might be the better bet between the two. But both choices are great and you will not regret getting either one.

Cosmetically, it is in very nice shape for its shape. Previous owner took great care of it with only minor scuff marks here and there. We do stock 6550 tubes so contact us for a package deal if you want to order some new 6550 tubes to go with it. Current tubes tested out fine and still has fairly good amount of life left. We have the original box for it.