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This preamp was previously used in a home recording studio with ATC’s active speakers. We had a chance to listen to that setup prior to taking in the preamp into our inventory and we were very impressed with how it sound. It was splendidly accurate without any tonal colorations. Any kind of musical attributes – positive or negative is revealed. This was probably why it was favored over other preamps in this home based studio. Vocals were holographic and imaged well via the ATC speakers and rock (we listened to one of their recording) was punchy and dynamic. All-in-all, an amazing preamp and when you factor in its MSRP, it got our stamp of approval. We would happily put this preamp in the ring with other preamps that cost up to $5,000 and it would give all these more expensive preamps a good run for their money. For now, at under $1300, this is a clear best buy.

Overall condition of the preamp is a solid 9/10 condition. We have the original box, manual and remote.