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The Arcam Muso is like the extreme “baby”, affordable version of aluminum speakers that brands like YG Acoustics sells for thousands (even tens of thousands) of dollars. Yes, the Muso is never going to be a replacement speaker for those but it shares pretty much the same philosophy but at a real down to earth prices. The cabinet on the Muso is made up of a combination of steel and aluminum and heavily damped where there is very little resonance. All six sides are cleverly bonded to give the appearance that it was “carved” from a solid block of steel. Drivers used are 1″ aluminum tweeter and 3.5″ aluminum/polymer mid woofer. Although the mid-woofer is only 3.5″, it extends down to an impressive 70Hz. Nominal impedance is 4 ohm and sensitivity is 85dB. Recommended power to drive these speakers are 30W and more. Each speaker stands about 9″ tall, 5″ wide and 6″ deep.

This pair was previously mounted in a dealer’s showroom. The wall mount bracket will be included. If you don’t want to wall mount them, you can remove the brackets and have them place on your shelf or stands. If you want to critically listen to them, you can either mount them on the wall after some careful measuring of the walls and your listening spot or mount them on stands and move them around till it gives you the ideal soundstage (which amazingly, they can be capable of). Pairing them with a subwoofer is highly recommended and we have the matching Arcam Logo that will transform them into a full range 2.1 speaker system. If you plan on getting them together, contact us for a package deal.

Cosmetically, they are in very nice shape. Minor scuff marks from being used as a demo but nothing major. Speakers will be securely packed for safe shipping.