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This is the little wonder piece that makes you wonder on the rationale of spending up to $2,000 on a preamp when this APT Holman sounds just as good for much less money. Now, it is not going to embarrass the more expensive preamps out there but it offers a sound quality that is comparable to these more expensive preamps. It may not have fancy displays, a full size casing and complex internal circuitry but it is well designed and engineered that its sound is simply mesmerizing. Very clean, nice soundstaging and holographic imaging are its calling card.  As you can read from the many positive reviews, this well designed preamp has stood the test of time and continues to get positive feedback from new users. The preamp is pretty feature packed with lots of inputs and outputs and lots of settings for a cartridge if you have a turntable to pair it with.

The previous owner (original first owner) had this sent to SoundSmith to have its caps and wiring upgraded. Upgraded units usually sell in the region of $600 or more but we have priced it within the range of a non-upgraded unit to allow the new owner to appreciate and enjoy this beauty without any financial pain. Unit is in fantastic shape as you can see from the pictures. Original manual and reviews included. See our other listing for the partnering Hafler DH220 amp that was also sent to SoundSmith for updating.