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If you are want a pair of floorstanders that will literally drop the “bass” in your listening room and not cost a whole bunch of money, than look no further than the Model 7B you see here. The speakers are big on weight, sturdiness, soundstage and bass. They are hungry for power and when you do feed the pair with it, they will eat your listening room. Soundstage was deep and wide with tremendous bass (35Hz) ┬áimpact and musical presence. For the mere footprint of a bookshelf, the Model 7B will pump out more than the same typical bookshelf speakers. They are not lightweight – 95lbs each and their very rigid sturdy cabinet ensures a solid tight response. Their 86dB and nominal 6 ohm impedance can be demanding so make sure you have an amp that will meet their demand.

Cosmetically, there are the usual light scuff marks from use but nothing major. One rear corner has a small ding. Front of speaker shows some slight difference in color from the wood aging (the areas not covered by the grille cover has a slightly darker hue.) We do not have the original boxes but will securely pack each speaker for safe shipping.