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When the A250 was introduced into the hifi World many years ago, it garnered so much positive reviews that some even ventured to say that this was the best value 250W power amp for under $1000. Even to this day, you will be hard pressed to find another 250W amp that is under $1000 and sound better than the Acurus. At under $500 now, this is a bargain. Bass notes was probably the most impressive thing about this amp. It was deep and tight and was accompanied by a very full sized mid-range. It wasn’t thin or dry like some competing amps but was instead robust and full of flavor. The mid-range isn’t as sweet as a comparable tube amp but was warm sounding enough to make you give this amp another listen. Built quality was good and except for the common complaint about the blinking LED light on the power switch, there was really nothing much to grieve about.

Cosmetically, the amp looks really good. Some minor scuff marks here and there and some minor paint wear on the edges. Rear left corner heat sinks are a little “bent” but its pretty minor. You can see from the pictures the amp still looks good. As we mentioned earlier, the blinking LED is probably on its way out. Its a very common issue with the Acurus amps and has no impact on the sound or the functionality of the amp. Amp will be┬ásecurely pack for safe shipping.