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The good thing about time is that something that is priced affordably one time becomes a steal over time. And the Acurus A-200 is one such product. When it was launched, the A-200 retailed for $1100. It was well built, had quality materials used throughout and brought 200W to the party. Add Made in the USA and made by no other than the Mondial company, the Acurus was a bargain amplifier. Sound quality was really good. It was lively, had a good punch at the bottom end, smooth highs and a nicely weighted mid-range. Pair this with a good preamp (like their L-10 or LS-11) and you would have a pre and power combo that costs less than $2,000 but sounded more like a $5,000 combo. Those were the days where sound quality was matched with a more “earthly” price tag. The A-200 is not a “ground breaking” product. But if you want good sound, a highly respected brand name and an amp that will make your music enjoyable without burning a hole in your pocket, than you won’t go wrong having it in your system. Read the many positive feedbacks on this amp when you google it.

Cosmetically, it has some scuff marks here and there┬ábut nothing major. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping.