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The AEGO 12-08 active subwoofer is one of those things that has benefited greatly from globalization – legendary brand name product at a budget price. The Aego 12-08 subwoofer has a lot going for it at its $540 MSRP. It has a 200W amplifier, two 8″ woofers and a voltage selectable switch on the back to allow it to be used anywhere in the World. It is a sealed box design with a low frequency reach of 30Hz. Setup is as simple as it can get. Just plug in the subwoofer out from your preamp, AV receiver or crossover and just adjust its volume and phase. And you are all set.

Bass was impressively clean and powerful. With speakers that extends down to 30Hz, some “weighted” overlapping (low pass filter cuts in at 250Hz) can be experienced so you just need to turn down the volume on the Acoustic Energy sub.

Cosmetically, the sub is in very nice shape. Very minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. We have the original box.