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For $600, you could probably pick up a pretty good pair of bookshelf speakers and a better than average floorstanders. But tehy will probably not exhibit the same transparency, scale and speed of the Acoustat 1+1 speakers you see here. Standing 94″ tall (with the base) and 16″ wide and 17″ deep, they share the same footprint as that of a floorstander or bookshelves on stands. But if you have a wide and tall enough room, the Acoustat will stand head over heels these other speakers. The soundstage is simple “gigantic” – tall, wide, deep with a wide radiation pattern. Unlike other hybrid electrostatic speakers that uses conventional cone drivers to supplement the bass, the electrostatic is all panels from the lowest frequency to the highest. Fur under $600 now, these are real bargain speakers. Just on physical statue alone, you can’t find anything similar for the same price.

Due to their size, they are for pickup only at our store location in Closter, NJ. Cosmetically, they are in very good shape for its vintage.Sock covers have no tears or holes that we could find.