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Accuphase’s E-206 integrated amp was a real party pooper among integrated amps during its time and even now (especially in the sub-$1,000 category). It was just so sonically correct that it was impossible to fault it. Built quality was first class and even among current crop of integrated amps, it is still the Gold Standard that few can rival. The integrated amp is conservatively rated at 100W in 8 ohm and 140W in 4 ohm which was plenty enough for most speakers that we drove it with. In each and every session though, we were smiling from ear to ear. The Accuphase had an impeccable sound. It was clear, bass was well defined and tight, the mids were rich but not too overly warm that it sounded murky and the highs were sweet and detailed. The Presence Equalizer was an interesting feature where you can make adjustments to “suit” the soundstage for your room and speakers. Really cool stuff especially when it was made available nearly 30 years ago! If Accuphase made this same amp today, they would have to sell it with a $5,000 MSRP.

Cosmetically, the Accuphase is in very good shape. Minor scuff marks and some paint wear on the casing┬ábut nothing major. This unit is a 220V version and for US buyers, we will be including a 1500W step up transformer. We don’t have the original packaging but will securely box it for safe shipping. It will be a two piece shipment as the transformer itself is pretty hefty.