KAHL audio is a high-end audio store with the sole mission of providing discerning customers with the highest quality of sound.

Set up by audiophiles for audiophiles, we truly believe good quality sound need not always come with a hefty price tag. In fact a cleverly put together sound system can offer the same level of enjoyment at a much lower cost than you think. At KAHL audio, our qualified staff is ever ready to offer expert advice and we are confident of customizing something that will fit into your lifestyle and budget. The pure enjoyment of music is paramount to us. We are much less concerned about making a sale than helping our clients experience musical bliss.

We are the finest stereo store in Bergen County. We carry an extensive range of used products (and the occasional NEW) and is the only store with a specific focus on sound systems. Being that most of our merchandise are used, we can only warranty against any defect that was not mentioned in the listing within a 3-day window upon receipt of goods. Any request for returns after that is a case to case basis and on our approval. If you want to get an extended warranty, you may try any of the companies that offer them. We do not offer extended warranty in our store and is not affliliated to any. Our store in Closter is set up with a cozy and all-purpose sound audition room. Visitation to the store is by appointments only. We also accept trade-ins and encourage rotation of equipment so customers have the opportunity to try out different sound systems.